Banana!!! The plain looking 100 calorie yellow fruit that never needs to be washed and can be purchased all year round is more exciting than you think. Bananas are good for you. Like REALLY good for you. They’re easy to eat. They’re versatile. And here’s why!

1. Bananas are great sources of Potassium, Iron, Fiber and Vitamin B6 as well as carbs.
2. They’re fantastic for girls on their period – the banana calms the stomach and Vitamin B6 regulates your glucose levels.
3. It’s a great energy snack right before the gym.
3. There’s alot of banter over the sugar content of a banana – bananas, just like any fruit, have alot of sugar. One banana has about 15 grams of sugar – but I wouldn’t rule it out because of that! Just like everything else, eat bananas in moderation!
4. Since this fruit is so high in potassium and low in salt, its a great aid in combating high blood pressure!
5. Potassium has numerous benefits, which includes better memories – it helps make people more alert.

My number one way to chomp my banana? eat it with a tablespoon of good old peanut butter. Absolutely delicious 🙂 I also like putting it in breads and pancakes on Sunday morning 🙂


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