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Good food doesn’t have to taste like grass.

My new obsessions are naughty and nice, just how I like it. You know how you bite into something warm, and sweet and toasty and delicious and you close your eyes and just kind of can’t believe how good it … Continue reading

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Vegan Oatmeal Cookies

Adapted from Fat Free Vegan Because they contain no fat, these cookies are softer the day they are made and chewier the next day. If you prefer them soft, warm your day-old cookies in the microwave for a few seconds. … Continue reading

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I love oatmeal. I never really realized it before, but its quickly become my number one coveted meal of the day. Enough talk, on to the recipe!!! Adapted from MindBodyGreen plus a few alterations of my own (i use agave … Continue reading

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How to make a bagel… I’ve never tried this – but maybe you can 🙂

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Crazy Cranberry Sauce

With Thanksgiving 2011 well past and four mashed potato stuffed pounds under my belt, its time to update the blog!!! My new favorite addition to our thanksgiving meal this year was the cranberry sauce. No more copouts with the “cranberries … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Bread with Sunflower Seeds, Honey and Oats!

YUM! I wanted to make bread. It was a daunting task but I was up for it. After perusing the internet, I decided to start small and start simple. I adapted a simple yet highly rated recipe from and … Continue reading

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Whole wheat pasta with Basil Mint Pesto

Pesto Pasta Pesto Pasta Pesto Pasta…say that ten times fast 😉 It was a Sunday, which meant it was time to chop chop chop, sautee sautee sautee, and cook cook COOK! The cuisine on everyone’s mind was Italian….and we were … Continue reading

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Vegan Pumpkin Bread

THIS…is by far my new favorite recipe. Vegan pumpkin bread. Ironically, I made two kinds of pumpkin bread for our thanksgiving dinner – Vegan and non vegan. Guess which one was an absolute hit? Thats right, the vegan one!!! I’ve … Continue reading

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