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Good food doesn’t have to taste like grass.

My new obsessions are naughty and nice, just how I like it. You know how you bite into something warm, and sweet and toasty and delicious and you close your eyes and just kind of can’t believe how good it … Continue reading

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Otarion – A review

Ah, we all know them – those skeptical meat eaters that scoff their nose at their vegetarian friends, those boastful “a real man eats steak” comments. And we know the other side too – our annoying touting “hippie” vegetarian friends … Continue reading

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What’s for breakfast?

When i was little…i LOVED eggs. I mean i just LOVED them. Hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper, omelettes bursting with peppers, onions, cheese and indian spices and of course the ever so addictive slightly runny version that I … Continue reading

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The Building Blocks

So, food. Nutrition. Calories. Fat. Protein. Carbs. Calcium. Vitamin A. Minerals. Fiber. It’s all a big mumbo-jumbo of intricate yet exciting, relevant and extremely important information that is worth knowing. Why? In today’s society, you can’t take anything the food … Continue reading

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