Four wonder foods that I am in LOVE with!


I thought I’d share a few healthy helpful and delicious little tidbits I’ve been incorporating into my diet these past few weeks 🙂 I’ve been blown away by the following:
1. Blackstrap Molasses (Unsulphured). This stuff is like medicine in a spoon, except its not medicine. Its totally nutrient packed and because its a food source, vitamins and minerals are much more easily absorbed. Its a major source of potassium, iron, calcium, manganese to name a few.  Many claim an increase in energy, better periods with less cramping, shinier hair and nails, better bone density (i think the calcium is SUPER absorbed or something), reduction in heart palpitations, the list goes on and on. feel free to google it as i dont yet know enough about it, but the health benefits are blowing me away. im looking at my bottle right now – 1 tablespoon clocks in at 42 calories, 17% of your DV of potassium, 20% of your DV of calcium, and 20% of your DV of iron. these are the only things listed on the bottle but i know its also a decent source of Folic Acid, magnesium, manganese, and Vitamin B6. It also promotes red blood cell production which i think correlates to alot of the benefits we see here with energy, etc. 
2. Homemade hummus – nuff said, its changed my life and is a million times better than any store bought version. I put picked jalapenos in mine and its mouthwateringly delicious :
3. Hemp seeds: These nutty little wonders are full of fiber, protein, and LOADS of nutrients. Notable nutrients include iron, thiamin, phosporus, zinc, magnesium and manganese. Toss them onto salad, cereal, eat them raw – they’re so nutrient dense you can’t ignore these. 
4. Sprouts. Oh my goodness – this is the best. Just soak some lentils (we have been using green dal/moong. any mung bean is fine). The benefit of sprouting? Enzymes! The nutritional value of lentils soars during the sprouting process, and because you don’t cook them you end up retaining all the benefits. Next day – toss with some chopped tomato and red onion with some fresh squeezed lemon. It is a crunchy, delicious little nutrient packed snack.
That’s all for now 🙂 More to come 🙂 

About fuelyourlife

I love food, nutrition, and fitness and primarily believe that food is medicine. Your body is a temple - treat it like one!
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One Response to Four wonder foods that I am in LOVE with!

  1. anil v says:

    Good ones

    Hemp hearts are new and easy to mix. I mixed mine in sprouts

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