Good food doesn’t have to taste like grass.

My new obsessions are naughty and nice, just how I like it. You know how you bite into something warm, and sweet and toasty and delicious and you close your eyes and just kind of can’t believe how good it is, and then realize it must be bad for you? Yeah, NOT ANYMORE. Say goodbye, guilty conscience and all that jazz!!!

New obsessions…healthy AND comfort food esque too!

1. Celestial seasonings Bengal Spice Tea. Dear god, this is comfort to the max. Cinnamon, cloves, cardamon heaven – caffeine free, too! I throw in a little bit of almond milk and im good to go on the dessert front!
2. Toasted nuts. Walnuts, pecans and sunflower seeds. Toasted to brown, crunchy, rich, buttery goodness. My god. So. GOOD.
3. Oatmeal. I know, i know. How boring. But seriously the best meal of my day – oats, almond milk, flax, agave nectar, bananas, blueberries, cinnamon and walnuts = heaven.
4. Dark chocolate covered goji berries. I’ve been buying the Kopali Organics bags and they’re delicious!!!
5. Oven roasted brussel sprouts, eggplants and mushrooms. Toss these with olive oil and garlic before roasting in the oven at 350 degrees…mmmm crunchy tasty veggie goodness.
6. My moms veggie burgers. I found a homemade veggie burger recipe online about 6 months ago – we tried it and long story made short, it was bland and a total flopshow. Of course my mom took it and morphed it into Indian fusion goodness – full of ground up leafy greens, veggies, lentils and spices – this is AMAZING and the best veggie burger I’ve ever had to date! Note to self: post a recipe of this!
7. Oatmeal cookies. Say no more. Just make em.


About fuelyourlife

I love food, nutrition, and fitness and primarily believe that food is medicine. Your body is a temple - treat it like one!
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