Treacherous Tomatoes

Its been an interesting week – I’ve had my brown veggie rice and spicy indian chick pea soup referred to as dog food, my home made veggie burger referred to as a hockey puck, and looks of general disbelief as i chopped up a raw yellow bell pepper to eat as a snack at work. (oh yes god forbid i eat some raw veggies! you would have thought i chopped off someones arm the way people were staring!)

Meat eaters, why so much hate? Do you see me sticking my nose up at your hormone added, feces laden, antibiotic ridden, ground up meat/ammonia/broth/mystery meat concoctions? Do you see me referring to your turkey as a poor soul? Do you see me outwardly laughing at your unwillingness to accept that there must be other protein sources out there besides meat?

I also received several lectures this week from omnivores on how I am killing plants. Seriously people. Stop fooling yourselves. Has the whole world gone mad?!

Additionally, I got a nice mini lecture on how I drink milk and how I am selectively caring in the animals department. No, i did NOT get this lecture from a vegan (the ONLY kind of person it would have been acceptable to get this lecture from!!!). i got this lecture from a meat eater.

I have a few questions:

First of all, why am I playing defense? I understand most of the people around me may not be used to a vegetarian lifestyle – but its not like I’m walking around lecturing people or even promoting vegetarianism. I’m just peacefully eating my food. If I walked up to every single person who’s meal I found disgusting or unappealing in my office at work, I would have no friends right now. But that’s not my personality.

Secondly, even if someone looks at my food and really finds it appalling (I really don’t know what’s so appalling about brown rice, but i will humor the notion), is it really bothering you that much that you need to constantly comment on it?

Third, it seems to me that meat eaters are more disgusted with my food than I am with theirs. Shouldn’t I be the disgusted one? It seems that I am almost OFFENDING them by bringing in vegetables or other sources of protein for lunch. I MUST conform. I MUST get a chicken sandwich on white bread to fit in. I MUST stop rebelling and pushing the boundaries with my racy, controversial yellow bell peppers; and furthermore I absolutely need to STOP confusing people with my meals (god forbid anyone get slightly confused or thrown off track with a rogue veggie burger!) and introducing new foods to society – society is very comfortable and i am MAKING THEM SWEAT.

Let me eat my veggies in peace!


About fuelyourlife

I love food, nutrition, and fitness and primarily believe that food is medicine. Your body is a temple - treat it like one!
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4 Responses to Treacherous Tomatoes

  1. Rahul says:

    Why do you have to flaunt your vegetables and making people feel unhealthy? How do you expect anyone to enjoy the delicious cholesterol while you sit in front of them eating all healthy and sh*t. Eat some corn syrup, sodium and saturated fat so they don’t need have to think about their food.

  2. fuelyourlife says:

    aaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahahahahhaha

  3. Lavina says:

    Wow, racy, controversial yellow bell peppers. At least people at my office are like wow you are healthy or I wish I brought that as a snack, not – wow why are you eating that sh*t.

  4. fuelyourlife says:

    lol yeah i know. it is not like that here at all… ridiculously annoying.

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