Waste not, my friend!

A while back, I posted some rambling on how westerners waste so much food, found here.

I stumbled across this article today on Planet Green which is literally titled “Eat your trash to improve your cooking”. I can’t really comment on the meat and seafood stuff since i’m vegetarian, but the broth is a great idea. I’ve never eaten potato peels or citrus rinds…but hey, its true, i could probably try being a little more resourceful….thinking outside of the box and also considering that the definition of what is and isn’t inedible changes given your circumstances. i.e. Inedible in my mind does definitely not hold the same meaning to a beggar, or a starving family really stretching their dollar to put dinner on the table.

I also love this post. Just love when people present interesting challenges to themself, and kind of goes hand in hand with the idea of less waste, less consumption, less…everything. Eating out of a bowl all day is really doable…i might need a plate here and there for burritos..but i’m loving this idea.


About fuelyourlife

I love food, nutrition, and fitness and primarily believe that food is medicine. Your body is a temple - treat it like one!
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2 Responses to Waste not, my friend!

  1. Lavina says:

    That citrus rinds tip is awesome. I actually prefer eating potatoes with their skin on them, but good ideas to save it when you cant have them in something (ie people are eating your potatoes at your home lol). Thanks for sharing! xx

  2. fuelyourlife says:

    i know!! ❤ i love red potatoes with the skin on them…but yeah i never thought of saving em.

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