Prescriptions for Produce…yes you heard me

Recent post on one of my fave websites…

It speaks for itself – in short, doctors are now prescribing produce instead of pills to combat the obesity epidemic.  Interesting concept – “On a broader level, a community’s access to healthy, fresh, organic foods is a socio-economic issue that has clear health outcomes that can be seen throughout the population. Many low-income communities (both rural and inner-city) and communities of color have limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables and, as a result, they suffer significantly higher rates of disease. This makes access to healthy, fresh foods a justice issue in poor communities of color and rural communities which suffer from inequitable health outcomes in comparison to their white counterparts……If the Farm Bill was changed to provide subsidies to smaller-scale family farms that feed their local communities healthy, fresh produce, people of all incomes would be better able to choose healthy food options that inspire health and wellness. Once people better understand the link between where their food comes from and its effects on their health, they can begin demand the change that they deserve.”

Interesting concept – basically, the open admittance of food really being nature’s medicine. I like this. Although its downright shocking that it had to come down to this – doctors needing to force vegetables on their patients – its damn right good to get that information across. It enforces the fact that veggies and fruits aren’t optional – they are vital for human function and health.


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I love food, nutrition, and fitness and primarily believe that food is medicine. Your body is a temple - treat it like one!
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