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Waste. Sure, we all do what we can. But Americans clearly are much more spoiled when it comes to waste. Spinach looks questionable? Toss it out, buy another. Can’t finish the last few spoons of a sauce? Throw it out, … Continue reading

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Prescriptions for Produce…yes you heard me

Recent post on one of my fave websites… It speaks for itself – in short, doctors are now prescribing produce instead of pills to combat the obesity epidemic.  Interesting concept – “On a broader level, a community’s access to healthy, … Continue reading

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Empathy and veggies

Interesting find, i stumbled across this earlier. Would love to hear your thoughts: Empathy is what sets vegetarians apart (neurologically speaking)

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I want to start discussing veggies, and I am going to start with my favorite. Dark. Green. Leafy. Chock full of nothing but good, good, good and gooooooood. Kale is always there for you in time of nutritional need.  Kale … Continue reading

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Research for Vegans

Researching the “scandals” of America’s restaurants… Continue reading

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The Building Blocks

So, food. Nutrition. Calories. Fat. Protein. Carbs. Calcium. Vitamin A. Minerals. Fiber. It’s all a big mumbo-jumbo of intricate yet exciting, relevant and extremely important information that is worth knowing. Why? In today’s society, you can’t take anything the food … Continue reading

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